The coaching relationship is a deeply personal one and chemistry between coach and client is key. Our Head Coach Sorcha pulls from her network of qualified coaches and strengths finder practitioners to provide panels giving you choice while maintaining standards of quality and qualification.

All coaches are personally vetted and adhere to the professional standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

We have a certified CliftonStrengths and a 'Time to Think' specialist on our panel and other experts can be brought in as required. 


Sorcha O'Connor

Head Coach & Founder

Sorcha is an ICF accredited coach with a successful career spanning over 25 years working across international roles in large organisations and start-ups.


She has worked to senior levels in multi-cultural and multi-jurisdictional environments. Leading with impact and delivering large projects, product launches and strategic initiatives as part of senior leadership teams positions her perfectly to support senior leaders in businesses globally.

She is a hard hitting and future-focused cognitive behavioural coach, helping her clients understand their patterns and blocks to ensure they move forward and

enjoy transformational results.   


Lucy Gourlay 

Associate coach  I  Time to think coach

With over 30 years experience of customer facing work spanning different industries and a wealth of ‘life’ experience, Lucy has the determination and drive to deliver positive change to each and every individual she works with.

Inherently kind and a natural empath, she has a genuine interest in people which encourages confidence and the belief that each individual has the skills and knowledge within themselves to thrive in an uncertain and volatile world.

She challenges and inspires in a collaborative style ‘walking’ side by side each client supporting them on whatever journey they are
going on.

Lucy is a certified Time to Think coach and holds a diploma in Transformational Life Coaching, accredited by the Association for Coaching and International Coach Federation. Lucy has worked with business owners, consultants, health care professionals and individuals returning to work.

Heather Winpenny 

Associate Coach I Clifton Strengths Coach 

Heather has been using CliftonStrengths to coach individuals and teams for over 20 years. Her passion for helping people to better understand themselves and what makes them “tick” never wanes. 


The focus of her coaching conversations is on using the results of the CliftonStrengths assessment to help people to understand, appreciate and be proud of who they are.  


Together with her clients Heather explores what they are naturally good at – it’s not about trying to make them great at everything because – here’s the thing – none of us are great at everything.  It’s about understanding, aiming and intentionally using our unique talents, the things we love to do, the things we naturally do and are great at, to be our best possible selves.

Her career has spanned over 30 years from self employment as a psychometric interviewer and CliftonStrengths coach to working in the HR team of a Global Asset Management company. She has coached hundreds of individuals and worked with many teams and bring all of this experience and insight to every coaching conversation. 

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Rob Varcoe T.jpg

Rob Varcoe

Associate Coach | Leadership Circle Profile Coach

Rob has spent 25 years in HR leadership roles across industries including; Technology, Financial services, and Advertising and Marketing. 

He started working as a Coach in 2016 to focus on his passion for helping leaders perform and develop. He trained with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and for the last 5 years has helped many individual and corporate clients to take big steps forward in their careers and lives.  

 He is a certified Leadership Circle Profile coach and often uses the tool with clients to help them develop as leaders. It’s one of the most powerful Leadership Development  tools currently available, and helps leaders understand the relationship between how they habitually think and behave, and how this impacts their leadership effectiveness.

Rob’s enthusiasm for Coaching is infectious, and he loves nothing more than to see his clients visibly progressing  and achieving their goals. As one client put it; “ His coaching sessions renewed my confidence and helped refocus my mind on what I want and how to achieve it”.