Building your established and emerging leaders 

The power of coaching is the unparalleled benefit of one to one focus. It is a rare thing to have someone’s complete focus and attention for a block of time.


While group training programmes, courses and certifications can all have a positive impact on the skills of your people and the related health of your business, to have a skilled coach focus entirely on one person produces benefits that are greater than anything else we've seen in our years in business.


We work with clients in person at their own places of business or via video calls. 

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Performance coaching is the bedrock for our coaching work with clients.


In classic coaching style we define a SMART goal and work with our client to agree a plan that helps them move towards the goal. They'll take time to fully consider what they want to achieve and then set about achieving that with intention and focus.


We help them break down the steps, remove some light blocks and help them move forward with momentum. 

This is the level coaching that many will be familiar with. Classic coaching models like GROW (Goals, Reality, Options & Way Forward) are used in this kind of work. 



Developmental coaching starts to work on our clients' behaviours and patterns with a view to them developing themselves for the next level. 

We help clients identify patterns of thoughts and behaviours that are holding them back from achieving their full potential.

Through coaching tools like future pacing and cognitive behavioural coaching our clients have the opportunity to look at things from new perspectives and can develop new, more useful skills and behaviours.


This can accelerate their successful transition into more senior roles and move from doing to managing
to leading.



Transformational coaching is when we work with our clients' full range of cognitive, emotional, sensory and relational patterns.  

We help clients find transformation across all aspect of their lives so that a more fulfilled and rounded human shows up at work.

Working on limiting beliefs and even to existential level coaching around our core purpose, values and reasons for being can be very powerful for our clients.

For leaders who are already successful, even a small tweak can be transformational for themselves, their teams and the wider organisation. 

The type or level of coaching that happens in a session, or series of sessions is fluid. What is a simple clarity question in one session can be a totally transformative one in another. That is the beauty of this one to one relationship.

The coach is in sync with the needs of the client at each step of the way. 

A possible outcome of coaching is that the individual leaves the organisation as they identify that their own goals or values don’t align with the corporate vision. We consider this outcome a win\win for the client and the organisation.

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As well as offering coaching  for organisations, we also offer support to leaders and emerging leaders on an individual basis with head coach Sorcha O'Connor.  


If you are self funding your development and growth and are interested in experiencing one to one coaching please contact us to arrange a free chemistry call with Sorcha.


Packages start at £1,250 for a three month engagement.